Learning Methods


Our expert instructors, hands-on labs, and superior content provide excellent, results-oriented training. When you or your staff take training, you want a comfortable, ready-to-learn atmosphere where students can interact with their peers and get real-world, knowledgeable instruction. Our Instructors are practicing technology professionals with specialized training backgrounds who bring real-world experience to classroom.

• Train in a comfortable, ready-to-learn environment
• Interact with peers and expert instructors
• Use state-of-the-art equipment
• Get hands-on labs practice
• Advance Learning Techniques


1-1 Instructor-led training is beneficial for those who need to know the concepts without wasting any valuable time. After assessing your skills before class, our certified instructor will  customize a learning path to fill in any weak areas, focusing more on areas where you need more attention.


  • Set your own pace.
  • Have a personal mentor at your side.
  • Focus your learning


For corporate clients, all our courses can be delivered in an on-site classroom setting


  • Private classroom of 6 to 12 participants
  • Customized content and budget
  • Full-time concentrated and intensive course
  • 100% attention of instructors
  • Direct interaction with peers and get real-world, knowledgeable instruction.

This applies to single courses as well as cost-effective tailored and accredited bundled course packages.


Online anytime courses are courses with recordings, hands-on labs and expert instructors who empower you to train on your own schedule.

Most Cisco Networking Academy courses are delivered  online anytime.


All ICSI courses can be delivered by live online learning.

ICSI’s instructor-led live online learning process makes it easy for prospective students to further their education wherever they are and in their own time. All you need is a reliable internet connection – and a desire to enter the professional world of cyber-security.

The key advantages of our live online learning methods are:

  • No travel time and costs – studying can be anywhere
  • Teamwork across different geographical locations
  • Same content as in a classroom or in onsite training, as the course is delivered in real-time.

Our administrators and instructors are accessible at all times to answer your questions and support you every step of the way.