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Business, and IT Center (BITC), is an authorized training centre, its primary sponsors are Cisco Networking Academy, Linux Professional Institute, and International Computer Driving License (ICDL).  BITC offers IT consulting services to local and foreign companies.  In addition, BITC takes on IT and networking projects such as setting up new networks and deploying equipment.

BITC has been growing more and more each year, in terms with IT courses development solutions, it is now the sole International Cyber Security Institute (ICSI) Authorized Education Reseller in Lebanon promoting its joint postgraduate program, Cyber Security, with University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).

BITC was founded in 2007, it is an academic center located in Mar Elias Beirut. With over ten years of experience in the technology field, BITC has earned numerous Cisco, ICDL, Linux and many other certifications. BITC has the privilege to work with the most prestigious educational organizations in the world.


With the purpose of spreading technological knowledge, computer literacy, and advanced computer skills among the community, we strive to provide the best we could deliver to achieve quality learning and standardized test administration. We want to make our surrounding community as techno-savvy as possible, by providing IT solutions and IT consulting services. Our aim is to enhance technology accessibility and maximizing potentials.


With the advancement of technology it is easier for hackers to steal intellectual property thus the threat of cybercrime is huge. We at BITC aim to provide the latest and powerful cybersecurity solutions. In addition, it is important to have universities’ technical majors curriculum up-to-date and delivering their courses via their continuous education programs.

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Cisco Academy since 2007

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LPI Linux Accredited Training Partner since 2009


ICSI Authorized Education Re-seller since 2016


ICDL Accredited Training and Testing Partner since 2014

Customer Testimonials

“I have known Dr Mohamad Kalash since 2008, He taught me at ITCT both CCNA and MCSA2008 courses in which he showed great professionalism in teaching and an advanced view to what is needed as Certification in the IT job market today and 5 years ahead. Now I live in the US and as he expected 3 years ago, you cannot work in IT in here or anywhere else without advanced CISCO certificates like CCNA WIRELESS, CCNA SECURITY, AND CCNP. even for those who graduated from universities inside the US. ”  –Samir Alkolak, Junior Network Engineer

“Good experience with teaching Cisco certification courses. Many tips given for preparation of tests. ”  –Zhen Chen, Network Engineer

“Dr. Mohammad is one of the most valuable assets of the IT industry in the world. He is a real expert who adds a lot to IT education. He has high integrity and loyalty to his job and students. He is the best driver to success.” –Raafat Al Jamal, IT Team Leader

“I have known Dr Mohamad Kalash since 2011, He taught me at BITC LPIC1 course in which he showed greate mastering in teaching methodology and IT knowledge due to his vast experice in teaching and extensive familiarities in the most important IT certificates. I personnally recommend him as an excelent IT Instructor and advisor for those who want to follow a successfull IT career path.” –Mohamad Tawfik, Computer Networking Professional